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Case Studies

Example 1: Marketing

An enterprise marketing team was looking to start a promotional campaign for the launch of a product; and as they began to shortlist suitable customers, they realized that 2% of all customer email data is blank.

Only 2%? NO BIG DEAL. Right?

Well, when they linked the customer records to a value that represents their loyalty, such as the purchases made by them in the last 1 year they found that 2% customers equated to 40% sales.

Now this interesting fact created a more compelling business case for good quality data.

By linking the problem to something the business cares about, there will be an increased appetite to look at options that prevent the issue from happening again.

Example 2: Product discontinuation

The COO of a smaller retail company was taking deciding on what products to discontinue. He erroneously decides to close down a profitable product line, which generated millions in profit for his company last year. This happened because of poor quality data, which led to lack of accuracy in his monthly reports.

Example 3: Vendor Rationalisation

A company was looking to consolidate their vendors when they realized that they had no clear knowledge about who their suppliers were as the Vendor info was distributed across databases, and duplicated.